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Jobs Grow Disabilities into Abilities

July 14, 2005, Lexington, NC: The Workshop of Davidson, Inc., a private, not-for-profit, organization dedicated to helping disabled people become vocationally, economically and socially self-sufficient, is helping several NC companies grow their businesses by handling packaging, shipping and fulfillment services.
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Horn's Auto/Truck Plaza Promoting Good Health by Offering Bee AwakeTM Supplement

Clemmons, NC, May 27, 2005: Genisys Business Connections, a Clemmons-based supplier of all-natural dietary supplements, is pleased to announce that Horn's Auto/Truck Plaza is offering Bee Awake at its Mocksville location at 1670 US Highway 601 North.
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Michigan Fuels Expands Health Products by Offering Bee AwakeTM Supplement

Clemmons, NC, May 24, 2005: Genisys Business Connections, LLC (GBC) is pleased to announce that Michigan Fuels, Inc. is offering Bee Awake at its location on the corner of Drake and Grand River in Farmington Hills. Bee Awake is a doctor-developed, all-natural energy and dietary supplement which helps people stay mentally alert and physically energized.
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7-Eleven Handee Marts Now Offering Bee AwakeTM All-Natural Energy Supplement

Clemmons, NC, May 10, 2005: Genisys Business Connections (GBC has announced that the company's Bee Awake product will now be available at 7-Eleven Handee Marts stores in Pennsylvania, Northern Ohio, Western Virginia and portions of Maryland. Handee Marts, Inc. is the first 7-Eleven licensee to carry the Bee Awake product.)
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Bee Awake Purchased By Truck Industry Marketing Veterans

September 21, 2004, Clemmons, NC: Bee Sweet, Inc., makers of Bee Awake, has been purchased by Genisys Business Connections, LLC. Bee Awake, an all natural, ephedra-free energy booster, has been sold in truck stops throughout North America for over 20 years.
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Veteran, Million Mile Driver Wins Bee SweetTM Contest

May 5, 2004, Clemmons,NC: Henry R. "Hank" Good,a 20-year veteran driver from Monticello, NY, is the winner of a truck seat massager given away by Bee Sweet, Inc. Good was one of hundreds who entered the contest at the Bee Sweet display during the 2004 North American Truck Show.
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